Buying FAQs

What are you currently buying?

  • Current fiction and non-fiction from the last couple years
  • Popular YA and Teen books & graphic novels
  • Children's picture books in excellent condition
  • Vinyl (with the exception of classical, opera, and show tunes)
  • CDs (with the exception of classical, opera, and show tunes)
  • DVDs & Blu-Rays (we are mainly looking for more rare or classic films, Criterion Collection, etc.)
  • Video games 
  • Manga
  • High-interest display books that we'd put out on the cart
  • Men's and women's vintage clothing and accessories from the 1980s and earlier (we tend to buy seasonally, so please keep that in mind)

What don't you accept?

  • Textbooks
  • Encyclopedia sets
  • Romance novels
  • Magazines
  • Reader’s Digest condensed books
  • Books that are out of date and now obsolete (old reference/travel books)
  • Books with water damage, broken binding, cobwebs and dirt, or excessive highlighting/writing
  • Discs with scratches or missing their original packaging
  • Burned CDs/DVDs and home recorded VHS and cassette tapes
  • Video game accessories
  • 78s
  • Toys
  • Home goods and tchotchkes

When do you buy?

We have a drop-off system, so you are welcome to bring your items by any time during our business hours, no appointment necessary. We will contact you with your offer by the next day.

What if I have a really large collection?

If it sounds like a good fit for us, we are happy to come to you. Please email us at to coordinate.

Do you pay in cash or in trade?

For the time being, we are only making cash offers (giving double in store credit just isn't sustainable until we see sales stabilize). Thank you so much for your support and patience!

Do you accept donations?

Absolutely! We LOVE donations of items that we sell in the store. Unfortunately, we cannot take items that are listed in the "What Don't You Accept" section.